Chew Valley Dawn

What a fabulous, misty start to the day on Chew Valley lake! The sun trying to cut through the mist, illuminating trees and ducks as silhouettes. All in a golden glow – wonderful. This is a stitched panorama of 5 portrait oriented images. I have several other versions each with a unique feel. These will be worked on and made available for sale. Email me if you are interested. They can be printed up to a metre in width.Misty morning on the lake

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A dedicated photographer of the environment, weather, landscape and its inhabitants, I have assembled a collection of awe-inspiring images for this exhibition. Many in colour, but a number in black & white - a medium which suits my love of the dramatic in photography. Starting from these photographs, I have produced linocuts and woodcuts as well as sculptures in wood. Each of these inspired by what is seen on my many walks in the region and beyond. A passionate experimenter, I am enjoying working with antique cameras and alternative photographic processes to make images that are more about conveying feeling, emotion, memory than they are about being a pixel perfect record of a moment in in time.

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