Hazy – delaminating and fungusy lens delivers the look!

New lens producing good results- I bought the lens for its combination of short focus length and small apperture, allowing me to make close-up images with good depth of field.

Auction listing said “Wray 4in F8 (to F64) Platystigmat Lens.

 Vintage Brass Lens, Serial 10079

This is in good cosmetic condition

No scratches

Some light fungus / haze internally

some separation below front element

Apertures work correctly”

This apple image is a 5×7 paper negative on ilford multi grade RC paper processed in 1:3 Bromophen developer. Paper mounted in my 1900s 10×8 field camera at 2/3 full extension. 2x 500 Watt fluorescent studio lights, 3 minute exposure at F64 . – negative photographed with a 24 megapixel digital camera and developed in Photoshop at 300dpi – images I produce soon to published in a Blurb book, hence the digitisation.

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A dedicated photographer of the environment, weather, landscape and its inhabitants, I have assembled a collection of awe-inspiring images for this exhibition. Many in colour, but a number in black & white - a medium which suits my love of the dramatic in photography. Starting from these photographs, I have produced linocuts and woodcuts as well as sculptures in wood. Each of these inspired by what is seen on my many walks in the region and beyond. A passionate experimenter, I am enjoying working with antique cameras and alternative photographic processes to make images that are more about conveying feeling, emotion, memory than they are about being a pixel perfect record of a moment in in time.

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