My Favourite Images

Here are my favourite images from past few weeks – some digital – some paper negatives, x-ray film etc.. It’s good to take time and look back over your work to see what really stands out – grabs you – I have done this a number of times. And each time I have weeded outContinue reading “My Favourite Images”

Glass dry plate – poured emulsion

Self portrait- These are my first attempts at pouring liquid silver gelatine emulsion (Foma from Silverprint) onto a glass plate to make my own glass negatives. Some practice still needed – but some areas show very good detail and tones. 2 second exposure F45. Developed in standard Ilford chemistry at recommended dilutions. Photographed and invertedContinue reading “Glass dry plate – poured emulsion”

My new book – Old Parson’s Fruit ‘n’ Veg

Old Parson’s Fruit ‘n’ Veg is the title, Fruit-‘n’-Veg through old glass – is the content of my new Blurb book. created at the suggestion of a friend who recommended I produce a book to show what I do. A celebration of the everyday – seen through the old eye of a 100-year-old plate camera.Continue reading “My new book – Old Parson’s Fruit ‘n’ Veg”

Looking to the stars with an old eye

I love making star-trail images with my DSLR, but wanted to see what I could achieve with my 100 year old camera (Thornton Pickard Imperial 8.5×6.5)and 80 year old lens (Dallmeyer Pentac F11).  Two nights ago I tried a paper negative exposed for 1 hr – but only a few of the brightest stars inContinue reading “Looking to the stars with an old eye”

A perfect marriage?

Pleased to have successfully “married” my Dallmeyer 8″ (f2.9-11) to a, recently acquired, Thornton Pickard Imperial (Full Plate). I have had to make a gravity shutter as the lens is too big for any of my TP roller shutters. This runs at 1/30s quite reliably. Photo is a paper negative at F 2.9 (developed inContinue reading “A perfect marriage?”

Exploring old cameras

Having started with the Victorian bellows cameras I thought I’d explore some other old cameras and see if I could use them with paper negatives. I found that local general auctions often had collections of cameras for sale so started there. I started by seeing if/how they worked, cleaning them, and, if within my limitedContinue reading “Exploring old cameras”

So busy trying new things ……

I was surprised to see my last post was over 3 months ago. But I haven’t been idle – far from it, especially now we are “locked down” at home! Below is a brief overview of what I have been up to with links to pages containing more details. One area of activity has beenContinue reading “So busy trying new things ……”

LArGE lens adds a new dimension

An exciting find at a local general auction as added a new dimension to the images I can make with my 1900s New Countess 10×8 field camera. The lens seems to be an ex-aerial photography lens made by Dallmeyer – F2.9 to 11 8″ focus length. I love the 3-d like depth this lens createsContinue reading “LArGE lens adds a new dimension”

Hazy – delaminating and fungusy lens delivers the look!

New lens producing good results- I bought the lens for its combination of short focus length and small apperture, allowing me to make close-up images with good depth of field. Auction listing said “Wray 4in F8 (to F64) Platystigmat Lens.  Vintage Brass Lens, Serial 10079 This is in good cosmetic condition No scratches Some lightContinue reading “Hazy – delaminating and fungusy lens delivers the look!”

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