Bellows Camera in the Snow

With the sun out and the roads passable, I ventured up onto the top of the Mendip Hills with the Thornton Pickard and some film cartridges loaded with Photopaper as paper-negatives. I also loaded the VW Campervan with the darkroom chemicals, trays and red-light so I could process on site to check exposure.┬áThis proved vitalContinue reading “Bellows Camera in the Snow”

6 out of 6! – 6 Good exposures

On the frosty Mendip Hills this morning, I used the vintage Thornton Pickard camera to take some silhouette images of trees. Building on yesterday’s success with metering I managed 6 good exposures, despite the camera’s challenges including: Lens aperture adjustment seizing in the cold Shutter cord getting trapped during exposure. Images below are scans ofContinue reading “6 out of 6! – 6 Good exposures”

Success with the antique camera and shutter

Well, some success and still some failures(learning opportuntites). Saggy bellows have caused a shadow on the negative and one or two film holders have small gaps – now filled. ┬áBut the ones that workd I am very pleased with. The big challenge is metering correctly to set the exposure. I realised that in trying toContinue reading “Success with the antique camera and shutter”

How to measure the speed of my antique shutter

My Boots branded 100 year old Thornton Pickard camera has a new addition – a mechanical shutter. This allows me to shoot at speeds under 1 second. With these faster speeds I can use 200 ISO sheet film instead of the much slower photo paper. To measure the speed of this shutter, I fixed itContinue reading “How to measure the speed of my antique shutter”

Adding a shutter to my antique camera

In order to access shutter speeds of less than 1s I need a mechanical shutter. I found one on eBay for a bargain price – and it is in good mechanical working order. The challenge was to attach it to the camera as the rubber seal has gone solid. I first rigged a plastic adapterContinue reading “Adding a shutter to my antique camera”

Sheet film experiments

I now have some 7″x5″ sheet film for the antique Thornton Pickard (Boots) bellows camera. Unfortunately the film/plate holders are slightly less than 7″x5″ so in complete darkness, using masking tape stuck to the bed of the guillotine as guides, I trimmed down the film to fit. What you see here is my third day’sContinue reading “Sheet film experiments”

Still life indoors – a metering challenge

The iphone Lux app reading indicated F2.8 Iso 6 for 15s. In fact 2.25 mins was needed. This needs investigation. Interesting that since the paper negative is not sensitive to red light that the oranges in the RH image showed up as so dark. Still some work to do on focussing – though with suchContinue reading “Still life indoors – a metering challenge”

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