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Progressing with Antique Photography

The next step in the experiments with the #antiquecamera was to try a contact positive print. First step the paper negative. Now I have established that I can trust the readings from the Lux App (iphone) – with ISO 6. I wanted at least a 4 s exposure as it minimises vibration effects from removing the lens cap. This gave an F stop of 32.half-plate-classical_bust_negative

To make the positive successully (Under red light) I wetted the papers before putting the negative face to face with the print paper. The negative was on top of the paper. I then illuminated the papers from 2 feet above with a flash from a flash-gun. Some experiments with different flash intensity was needed. – And success 🙂



100 year-old camera’s photo of my garden

So, using the recently acquired “plate holders” to hold the photographic paper in the back of my, now modified, Boots Half Plate Mahogany camera, I have taken and processed some successful pictures.

Boots half plate camera
Boots half plate camera

Taking the exposure using my iphone and the “Lux” app and judging the ISO of the paper to be 25, I made 3 exposures of the paper at f32 for 4s (as Lux indicated) and also, 8 and 16 seconds. As 8 seconds was the most successful. Seeing as the app had suggested 4s as the correct exposure, I will assume now the ISO equivalent of the paper is 50 and work on that basis for the next tests.

I developed the paper and got three well focussed images with a full tonal range.

The images produced are of course negative images. These I then scanned in to the computer and through photoshop inverted the tonal range to give the black and white image you see here.


The dynamic range is too great and I understand “flashing” the paper before use can help reduce this. That’s the next experiment.

Unexpected reward for a walk

We needed to get out for a walk this morning so went to Sand Point near Weston Super Mare and headed north towards Middle Hope. The beach there was strewn with driftwood and we were able to retrieve some good looking pieces that I’ll use for sculptures, printmaking and – still life photography. Results will be posted on this blog in the coming weeks.IMG_3160

Guernsey Rocks Linocut

I loved the rocks on Guernsey’s coast – especially as they were lit in the low sun of evening – strong shapes and deep shadows. So I have printed my first layer in grey and cut the second tile to overprint in black. This is an exciting stage in the process but will have to wait until after the first coffee of the day.

OK – so coffee done; I inked up the second tile, checked the registration (alignment) against the first and did a test print with much better results than I had expected. Just a few stray ridges to cut away and then test print again before finally printing onto some nice thin Japanese paper – part of a selection pack from Lawrences Art Supplies.



And the original inspiration for this print …..

Guernsey rocks-1