Adding a new camera to the collection

Two recent books have stirred my interest in exploring the variety of affordable vintage cameras that can still be used. The books are: – Retro Cameras: The Collector’s Guide to Vintage Film Photography by John Wade.   – Discovering Old Cameras, 1839-1939 by Robert White This then led to exploring some of the discussion forums dedicated to vintageContinue reading “Adding a new camera to the collection”

Refurbishing Antique Bellows Cameras

The Blog writing has been on the back burner whilst I spent time refurbishing my two 1900s, mahogany and brass bellows camera. The Boots camera is a single-rack camera and less useful so I decided to refurbish this one keeping it as original as possible. The Hora camera is slightly more modern by 10 -20Continue reading “Refurbishing Antique Bellows Cameras”

North Somerset Artsweek 2019

It has been a very busy April/May – preparing 75 pieces for North Somerset Artsweek #nsaw2019 – but so worth it! We have had a great response from visitors to the Clevedon Theatre Shop venue, in terms of numbers, purchases and (more importantly) conversations. Just today and tomorrow to go then time for a rest.Continue reading “North Somerset Artsweek 2019”

Antique camera at Hartland Quay

It has been a busy few weeks preparing for North Somerset ArtsWeek in May. I am exhibiting at The Theatre Shop, Clevedon BS21 6HX. #NSAW19 @NSomersetArts  More of this later….. Meanwhile I wanted to spend some time enjoying the drama that is the North Devon Coastline. No better place than Hartland Quay – andContinue reading “Antique camera at Hartland Quay”

Yorkshire Trip & a Half-Plate Camera

Taking the opportunity to stay a few days at Skipton this week, I packed the VW Camper with my “new” 1900s Hora bellows camera and basic dark-room gear and headed into the countryside – enjoying the challenges of photographing in the snow.   With such bright – but high contrast scenes it was always goingContinue reading “Yorkshire Trip & a Half-Plate Camera”

Repairing a Thornton Pickard Shutter

I added a second plate camera (By Hora & Co – Wandsworth London 1902-1930) to my collection recently and it came with a Thornton Pickard Shutter. This worked Ok for half a dozen shots, but then broke whilst I was photographing my favourite Exmoor trees (see pic above). The problem was with the shutter curtainContinue reading “Repairing a Thornton Pickard Shutter”

Pre-Flashing the Paper Negative

Another useful tip from an online forum – to reduce the contrast of a photo paper negative, the advice is to “pre-flash” it with a short exposure to an enlarger light. I don’t have an enlarger so have rigged a small desk light with a couple of sheets of tracing paper over the shade andContinue reading “Pre-Flashing the Paper Negative”

Vintage Photography with X-ray Film

With 5×7 sheet film being expensive, at over £1 a sheet, I have been looking for alternatives. I love the look paper negatives give to some images and so will continue to use paper as “film” for some subjects – particularly those that don’t move … In searching discussion forums on alternative photographic processes, IContinue reading “Vintage Photography with X-ray Film”

Now to get things in focus

Having learned how to set the exposure on the 100 year-old Thornton Pickard I have been working on getting everything well-focussed. The challenge with focussing for a still life like this is the depth-of-field is shallow beacuse the camera is so close to the subject. To maximise the depth of field I set the f-stopContinue reading “Now to get things in focus”