So busy trying new things ……

I was surprised to see my last post was over 3 months ago. But I haven’t been idle – far from it, especially now we are “locked down” at home! Below is a brief overview of what I have been up to with links to pages containing more details. One area of activity has beenContinue reading “So busy trying new things ……”

Some Success with Waterfalls

Today I took the 100 year old large format (10×8) camera to Wales – waterfall country. Recent heavy rains meant a good flow of water over the falls. I took 4 pieces of pre-flashed photo paper in the two dark slides plus some spare paper and my black-out changing bag. Today I would see ifContinue reading “Some Success with Waterfalls”

Lens problems with The New Countess

Today was time to take the New Countess full plate camera to Clevedon and try some images of the wonderful Victorian Pier. Shame it was so breezy – not ideal for longish exposures with a huge camera like this one! With two slides I had 4 exposures to make. It was a good opportunity toContinue reading “Lens problems with The New Countess”

North Somerset Artsweek 2019

It has been a very busy April/May – preparing 75 pieces for North Somerset Artsweek #nsaw2019 – but so worth it! We have had a great response from visitors to the Clevedon Theatre Shop venue, in terms of numbers, purchases and (more importantly) conversations. Just today and tomorrow to go then time for a rest.Continue reading “North Somerset Artsweek 2019”

Antique camera at Hartland Quay

It has been a busy few weeks preparing for North Somerset ArtsWeek in May. I am exhibiting at The Theatre Shop, Clevedon BS21 6HX. #NSAW19 @NSomersetArts  More of this later….. Meanwhile I wanted to spend some time enjoying the drama that is the North Devon Coastline. No better place than Hartland Quay – andContinue reading “Antique camera at Hartland Quay”

Yorkshire Trip & a Half-Plate Camera

Taking the opportunity to stay a few days at Skipton this week, I packed the VW Camper with my “new” 1900s Hora bellows camera and basic dark-room gear and headed into the countryside – enjoying the challenges of photographing in the snow. ¬† With such bright – but high contrast scenes it was always goingContinue reading “Yorkshire Trip & a Half-Plate Camera”

Bellows Camera in the Snow

With the sun out and the roads passable, I ventured up onto the top of the Mendip Hills with the Thornton Pickard and some film cartridges loaded with Photopaper as paper-negatives. I also loaded the VW Campervan with the darkroom chemicals, trays and red-light so I could process on site to check exposure.¬†This proved vitalContinue reading “Bellows Camera in the Snow”

6 out of 6! – 6 Good exposures

On the frosty Mendip Hills this morning, I used the vintage Thornton Pickard camera to take some silhouette images of trees. Building on yesterday’s success with metering I managed 6 good exposures, despite the camera’s challenges including: Lens aperture adjustment seizing in the cold Shutter cord getting trapped during exposure. Images below are scans ofContinue reading “6 out of 6! – 6 Good exposures”

At the fifth attempt – I’m happy

Finally, after five attempts, I’ve got a plate with; enough etch to make a relief print, a satisfying sky effect enough detail in the ironwork (not etched away) 3.5 minutes in fresh, warm (hot tap) etching solution seems to be the effective recipe. Using the edge of a feather to apply the oil has givenContinue reading “At the fifth attempt – I’m happy”

Latest etching – still learning …

Clevedon Pier – again from a photo – laserprint transferred onto aluminium with acetone then etched in copper sulfate and salt. Raising the temperature in a water bath made the solution very active – slightly over etched this one – see the halo around the top of the pier. I will have another go, etchingContinue reading “Latest etching – still learning …”