LArGE lens adds a new dimension

An exciting find at a local general auction as added a new dimension to the images I can make with my 1900s New Countess 10×8 field camera. The lens seems to be an ex-aerial photography lens made by Dallmeyer – F2.9 to 11 8″ focus length. I love the 3-d like depth this lens createsContinue reading “LArGE lens adds a new dimension”

Hazy – delaminating and fungusy lens delivers the look!

New lens producing good results- I bought the lens for its combination of short focus length and small apperture, allowing me to make close-up images with good depth of field. Auction listing said “Wray 4in F8 (to F64) Platystigmat Lens.  Vintage Brass Lens, Serial 10079 This is in good cosmetic condition No scratches Some lightContinue reading “Hazy – delaminating and fungusy lens delivers the look!”

Mastering Exposure – Vintage Camera

Very pleased with exposure of paper negatives today. (Images here have been inverted in photoshop from a scan of the paper negatives) Using ISO 6 and metering off an 18% grey card on a bright sunny afternoon, I achieved perfect exposure for my driftwood photos. F64 at 4seconds. I forgot to turn the plate holderContinue reading “Mastering Exposure – Vintage Camera”

Another step in my etching eduction

Having another go with my Clevedon Pier photograph. This time I used a thinner application of oil for the sky and less etching time. The sky has come out much better, but the shorter etch time wasn’t long enough to allow me to make a decent print. So, I’ll have another go, this time withContinue reading “Another step in my etching eduction”

Success every time!

I’ve cracked it! Using acetone to transfer laserprint onto aluminium plate ready for #etching.  Plates on the left in this photo the peeled-off prints on the right. What made the difference to getting success every time? 1. Preparing the plates with 1200 wet and dry emery paper then a bit of a polish with chromeContinue reading “Success every time!”

Progress with etching – Exmoor tree project

After my initial experiments with the etching process, I started today to apply what I have learned to my Exmoor tree images. (See previous etching blog for my first steps in this process). I opened one of my images into Photoshop, increased the contrast, applied the “Posterise” function and then deleted the background elements IContinue reading “Progress with etching – Exmoor tree project”

A new arrival for my #reliefprinting

Very pleased to take delivery of a proper printing press to replace my makeshift vice-press (was great for seeing of I could do this print thing). Bought from the “Portable Printing Press Company” – Very good service and the press looks sturdy and well put together. I didnt waste any time putting some prints through itContinue reading “A new arrival for my #reliefprinting”